Handmade Soap and Lotion Making Course Booking

 Learn to make your own natural Skin and Hair products from scratch using natural ingredients such as essential oil and herbs. 

We teaches how to make high quality professional natural products and how to tailor them for yourself or your client’s unique therapeutic needs

 The aim of Globynature Courses is to carefully balance theory with the practical experience of making your own products. 

  • We give details on significant values and theory behind each topic and provide each student with full fact-sheets and recipes as hand-outs during the courses. 
  • We show the exact method required for making each product before each student has the opportunity to try for themselves.
  • At the end of each course students are able to take home the products that they have made, as well as all the recipes and information required to carry on making these products at home, in their businesses or in their therapeutic practices. 
  • Partakers on Globynature courses gain high-class understanding and learn several of the 'insider-secrets' of the natural skin-care manufacturing.


Courses are running from Monday to Saturday 

  • Morning Session   9:00am to 13:00pm
  • Afternoon Session   14:00pm to 18:00pm
                         Where to Find Us. . .

Training Center : Mill Mead Business Center 
                            Unit 21-22 Mill Mead Road, 
                            Tottenham Hale N17 9QU

Retail Shop :    Unit E7
                         East Ham Market Hall  
                         Myrtle Road,  
                         E6 1HY

  • Melt & Pour Glycerine Soap Making Course £99

  • Traditional Cold Process Soap Making Course £99

 • Effective Packaging & Presentation Course £80

  • How To Make Natural Creams, Lotions & Lip balms Course  

     From Beginners to Advanced Course. Each course is £99  

  •  Beginners Course in Natural Skin Care - MOISTURISERS/CREAMS, SHAMPOOS, GELS AND LIP BALMS.

Melt & Pour Glycerin Soap Crafting Course

£ 99.00 

  • You will be learning the skills of using the melt and pour glycerine soap bases to craft a wide variety of visual and creative projects.  Whether you want to produce totally natural products using organic products with essential oils and herbs, or eye-catching fun soaps this is the place to be. 
  • You will take all the products you make home with you.


With such a huge range of versatile and easy to use soap bases now at your fingertips this is the perfect way to discover the skills, processes and professional tips that will introduce you to this wonderful craft.







We will be looking at:


  • Health & Safety
  • Equipment
  • The differences between the various soap bases
  • Melting techniques and heat control
  • Colour techniques 
  • Fragrancing 
  • How to use herbs and botanicals successfully
  • Natural use of emollients in soap
  • Effective use of glitters
  • Embedding soap
  • Layering soap
  • Shaping Soap
  • Thermal colouring technique
  • Swiss Roll Soap Swirl 
  • How to make loaf soaps


 What will I make?

  • Botanical soaps
  • Fun Toy Soaps
  • Exfoliating cleansing bars
  • Soap scrolls
  • Embed soaps
  • Layered soaps
  • Soap Cupcakes

A full workshop handout will be provided, along with a wealth of information and additional recipes as well as a pamper hamper of the lovely products you have made for you to enjoy and take home.



Traditional Cold Process Soap Making Course

£ 99.00 

This course is enthusiastic to the skills and interesting art of traditional Cold Process Soap Making. 

This full hands on workshop is where you will learn to make beautiful moisturising soaps using all natural ingredients.  If you want to make luscious natural glycerine rich soaps using traditional oils, exotic butters and essential oils from scratch the traditional way, globynature cold process soap making course is the place to be.  You will even learn how to use a wide range of herb and natural botanicals effectively in your soaps.


There is no prior experience required just a willingness to experience the joy of creating your own soaps from scratch.   Learn in hands on environment in small friendly groups.   A full handout and recipe sheets are also supplied as well as useful top tips plus free soapmaking resource information.


Whether you just want to make a couple of batches a year for your own use or you hanker after setting up your own soap business, this is the ideal course to help you realise your soapmaking dreams.



You will be looking at:


  • Brief history and basic chemistry of soap making
  • Necessary materials, ingredients and equipment
  • Safety aspects of working with sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)
  • Choosing oils, saponification values
  • How to use lye calculators
  • Colouring soap naturally with herbs & spices
  • Using pure essential oils to fragrance your soap effectively
  • How to create layers & sculpted layers
  • Learn how to create several types of swirl effects
  • Preparation of your moulds and moulding options
  • Insulating, cutting, curing and storing your finished soap
  • You will receive a certificate of completion for this course




Effective Packaging & Presentation Course

£ 80.00 

How much time did you actually spend on thinking through the different styles of packaging available, costing, and which packaging style would suit your products and your target market?


If your products are not presented and packaged in the right way it can undo all your hard work.  First impressions are incredible important and the look can attract or repulse people.  Poorly presented and packaged products will lower the whole business tone and make your items look cheap, poor quality or amateur all of which will deter sales.  Your packaging can truly make or break the deal of a sale on its own.  Get your packaging right and reap the rewards.


So what is the best way to package your soap, cosmetics or other handmade crafts? For some soap makers, the choice is easy - don't package the soap at all! But for others, packaging is an important part of soap making, especially if you plan to give away or sell your soap. But packaging shouldn't take more time than making the product itself. If you need ideas for attractively packaging your products, but don't want to spend a lot of time packaging them, this course is for you.





We will be looking at a whole range of presentation and packaging topics including:


  • The do’s and don’ts of packaging
  • Choosing the right image for your target market
  • Choosing the right packaging for your product
  • Selecting the right packaging materials for the job
  • Ecological/green issues & options
  • Labelling styles & ideas to match your market


We will be looking at all of the following with lots of hands on experience of wrapping, making various bow styles and decorative touches.


  • Soap wrapping styles
  • Presentation of containers
  • Bottles & packaging ideas
  • Bags
  • Finishing touches
  • Embellishments
  • Shred styles & filler options
  • Gift packaging & Gift sets
  • Fillers & placements for your gift sets


How To Make Natural Lotions & Lip balms Course

£ 99.00 


From Beginners to Advanced Course. Each course is £99


  • Beginners Course in Natural Skin Care - MOISTURISERS/CREAMS, SHAMPOOS, GELS AND LIP BALMS.




Our skin is the largest organ in our body and one of the most neglected and abused. So why not have your say in what actually goes into your products rather than having to settle for second best and using stock pre made bases in your range.


  •  Learn how to choose the right ingredients for your Skin Care Products 
  • Learn how to choose and work with a selection of different emulsifiers to create professional quality skin care products. 
  • Learn how to formulate your own recipes from scratch for specific skin types 


This course is ideal if you wish to expand your aromatherapy, herbalism or beauty business and sell your own range of natural products.  Make tailor made products developed specifically for your own or your client’s needs!


It is also perfect for those wishing to make a life style change, making products for friends and family. 


Are you looking to develop your own business making natural skin care products to sell at craft fair, farmers markets, in salons and spas, to work colleagues or on the internet?


You will receive a full course handout crammed packed with gorgeous recipes.

There will be an extensive selection of ingredients provided for you to use on this fully hands on course. 


You will be making around 6 different creams and lotions from scratch during the day.  In addition, we will also be sharing the building blocks and secrets of developing your own formulation from scratch for your desired skin type.  We believe it is very important that you not only follow pre made recipes we share with you, but have the confidence to go on and formulate your own recipes at home.


With so many people now having skin problems, it is a lovely addition to be able to produce your own specifically formulated skin care creams, lotions and gels.  Knowing that you have chosen all natural ingredients and tailored them for your own or your clients’ needs can make a huge difference.  Take control of your skin care

Come and spend the day learning how to create your own natural nourishing skin care creams lotions and gels. 


We will be using delicious skin care ingredients such as:


  • Borage Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Evening Primrose