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Where Luxurious Handmade and Pure Herbal Soap and body lotion are Made.


Herbal Pure Soap - Certainly Best for your skin…discover the power of nature.

Over the past eight years, I have been passionate about Herbal and Organic products which has made me to research on everything I use on my body to make sure that I get the most benefits the products claims to offers. I wanted my soap to be Natural and Gentle on my skin with plenty of lather, my reasons for this is because I am a mother of four and my children's skin are very sensitive and often irritate when they used soap bought from the counters. After numerous of researched I finally found the right soap ingredients that is suitable for my family needs and gives the most benefits to their skin. I fell in love with making soap so I took my passion to another level which I attended courses on how to make soap and lotion.

In 2007, I started making soap and body lotion with my children as a gift and to sell to family and friends. Our soaps and lotion are made by hand and personalise to give an individual benefit required and only produced in small batches at a time so that they are fresh as they can be. we only use quality natural products, No short cuts, No cheap ingredients, No mass production and No harsh ingredients.

Now... We are teaching people on how to make their own skincare products and Turn these into Money Right from Their Own Kitchen. By attending one of our soap or lotion classes it will enable you to start your own profitable skincare making business. This will allow you to make soap or body lotion from the scratch with herbs. Create your own unique and beautiful skincare that can be used as a gifts for family and friends or maybe just learn a new and enjoyable hobby.